Whole Body Laser Hair Removal


Full back and shoulders laser hair removal begins above the buttocks and reaches up and over the shoulders, covering the deltoids.



Full back and shoulders laser hair removals begin above the buttocks and reaches up and over the shoulders, covering the deltoids. This is the same region for both men and women, but the process can take longer for men. Women can expect treatments to last around 20 minutes while men might spend as much 20-30 minutes for the actual treatment. Customers report it can feel like a warm pinch or a tingling sensation, it varies by individual.

You will have some pre-treatment instructions to follow, including avoiding waxing and tweezing in that region for two weeks prior to treatment. Immediately or the day before your treatment, shave the region for best results. You’ll also be asked to protect that area from sun exposure for about four weeks prior to starting your treatments. Please check with our office or your consultation notes to ensure your skin is prepared for treatment.

All areas of the body need a minimum of six sessions of body laser hair removal to see significant changes in the amount of hair produced and the thickness of the hair that does return. This region of the body typically responds within 6-12 sessions with optimal results. Of course, that depends on how much hair is in that region initially and how stubborn it is. Men might find they need more sessions to get the results they want or they may have an area that needs some maintenance. Expect final results to show a 75% to 95% permanent reduction in hair growth.


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