Your Full Breakdown to Back Hair Removal

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Removing back hair by yourself is no less than a miracle unless you have extra-long arms, double-joint shoulders, or an extra pair of eyes on the back. It is nearly impossible to check out the hair on your back and get rid of them by shaving or waxing accurately without someone to help you with it or visit the salon to get it done right. Even back shavers and depilatory creams that make DIY possible on several other body parts fail to work on the back or give you the super-smooth, hairless back you want.

Waxing, shaving, plucking, tweezing, and electric razors and trimmers are some DIY methods to remove hair from your back. However, to avoid injuring yourself and get a perfect hair-free finish, you need an extra set of hands. No other hair removal technique delivers 100% results when getting rid of back hair other than laser hair treatment. You can continue to struggle with hair removal creams and other methods, or you could go for a hassle-free, effective treatment for eliminating hair growth.

Visit Exhale Laser, the premier destination for hair removal in New York that offers complete and non-invasive services to help you seek relief from unwanted hair growth. The licensed and experienced specialists focus on your individual needs and use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure you do not have to suffer from the discomfort of back hair anymore. They work out treatment plans that enhance your beauty, help you look and feel better, and participate enthusiastically in every activity.

If you want to learn about the best ways to remove back hair, experts have a full breakdown of effective DIY hair removal methods. Read on to know which one would work best for you.

Back Hair Removal

How Can You Remove Back Hair by Yourself at Home?

If you have someone at home who is willing to help you, there are ways to remove back hair.

  • Shaving – Slather some shaving cream and shave off with a razor. It is a quick and easy way to remove all that growth from your back without wasting time. You can use long-handled razors that aid in this task.
  • Waxing is a quick and effective way to remove unwanted hair from the back. You need wax, an applicator, and strips to peel away the hair. A good waxing job can last for several weeks, but it can be extremely painful, especially if you have thick hair on the entire back.
  • Depilatory creams – You have to spread the hair removing cream just like shaving cream and leave it to work. The chemicals in the depilatory cream pull the hair out, and you can scrape them away.
  • Sugaring – It is another DIY method that is similar to waxing and pulls hair from the root. Instead of using hot wax, it uses a hot paste made from lemon, water, and sugar.

Threading, trimmers, clippers, and electric razor are other ways to eliminate unwelcome back hair. However, you cannot do it alone as there is no way you can reach every spot and need someone to assist you. DIY methods are effective, but none of them is permanent. You should be prepared for regrowth after some time. You can also experience ingrown hair that can turn painful in some cases.

How to Remove Back Hair Permanently?

If you are searching for a permanent solution that helps you remain hair-free for life, laser hair removal or electrolysis is the best option.

Electrolysis – It is a permanent solution to irritating hair at the back. The only drawback is that the process is long, tedious, and sometimes even painful. Electrolysis uses fine needles to deliver an electrical charge directly into the hair follicle. The electrical charge destroys the hair root, which prevents regrowth. You may end up lying on your stomach with needles inserted into the back for treatment for a long time.

The needles are inserted one at a time into each hair follicle. It becomes a long and tedious process for people who have lots of hair on their back. It can take up to hours on large body areas and prove to be very expensive in the long run as it requires several sessions to achieve the desired outcome.

Laser hair removal – It is quick and a relatively painless procedure. A pulse of light is emitted onto the skin that destroys the hair follicles and inhibits hair growth. Because hair grows in different phases or cycles, laser works best when the hair is in the growth stage. To capture and destroy every hair, you need multiple sessions as not all hair is in the same growth phase at one time.

It also requires multiple sessions, but you will only spend a few minutes under the laser, even for larger body areas like the back and chest. Laser hair removal can save you money and time and gives you great results that last for years.

Fast and Effective Solution to Back Hair – Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal eases the burden of regular shaving or waxing and gives you a chance to enjoy permanent silky-smooth skin quickly. It provides lasting results for unwanted hair and helps you get rid of ingrown hair, making it the most effective hair removal approach.

Depending on their skin and hair and hair growth cycle, some people require as few as four treatment sessions, each of which may last only a few minutes at a time. The good thing about a laser is that it can destroy multiple hairs with each pulse.

How to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

You must consult a specialist if you are ready to move forward with laser hair removal for the back. The licensed and trained specialists examine your skin and hair type and help you understand how the process works, how many sessions you may need, and what to do before and after each session to ensure desired outcomes.

Preparing for laser hair removal is easy and does not take much. You will be advised to stay out of the sun and avoid tanning for several weeks before the treatment. In addition to this, you will be asked to stop taking certain medications like blood thinners.

The specialist will tell you to avoid waxing and plucking as they pull the roots out and laser targets the follicles to destroy the hair for which roots must be intact. There is no restriction on shaving, and you can continue to shave, but it is best to go for the treatment with some hair to ensure it is working.

What to Expect After Laser?

Many people experience redness, inflammation, or itchiness on their skin after a session. It is normal as you have been through a procedure, and these symptoms subside within a day or two.

These minor side effects can also be relieved by rubbing Aloe Vera gel on the affected area or a soothing lotion.

Aftercare instructions include:

  • Avoiding exposure to the sun till all the sessions are over
  • Avoiding going outdoors without sunscreen
  • Wearing loose clothing to avoid sweating
  • Staying away from the workout, hot bathtub, and steam room

It is important to note that you may not see 100% results after the initial sessions due to your skin tone or hair type. You must keep up with follow-up treatments after several months or after a year or two.

Most DIY methods for hair removal will help you get rid of undesirable growth from the back, but they do not offer a permanent solution. Laser treatment is the most effective way to eliminate back hair and offers many benefits. If you have any questions about the laser and how it works, visit Exhale Laser to find out how you can achieve hair-free and smooth skin. The specialists at Exhale Laser focus on your individual needs and ensure that you get the attention and caring treatments that put you at ease and make you shine out.