What Parts of the Body Respond Best to Laser Hair Removal?

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Most of us are born with a body and facial hair that seem to persist and regrow no matter how hard we try to get rid of them. Shaving, waxing, depilatory creams, and plucking seem to be the standard ways of removing excess hair, but they are not long-term solutions. If you are tired of fighting unwanted facial and body hair and seek an effective and permanent answer to all your problems, laser hair removal is a proven method with immense benefits.

The best thing about laser hair removal is that it can safely treat most areas of the body and works remarkably well without damaging the skin. If you have questions about laser hair removal, including which areas respond best to the treatment, consult specialists at Exhale Laser to learn what it is all about and how it can help to achieve your aesthetic goals. The licensed and trained specialists guide you on how to get rid of the recurring irritating hair and enjoy smooth and shiny skin without suffering razor bumps or ingrown hair.

The specialists at Exhale Laser work closely with you and advice about the number of sessions you require, depending on the hair type and coloring. They create a customized plan to meet your hair removal needs and ensure you look and feel good. No matter which area is treated, you can achieve optimal results with laser hair removal and look forward to saving precious time and money in the long run.

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a safe and successful way to get rid of unwanted body and facial hair and control its regrowth. It destroys hair follicles without marking or damaging your skin.

With this innovative and versatile treatment, you can get the silky skin you have been longing for. Since hair grows in a 3 part life cycle and laser hair removal only works on hair follicles in the growth stage, you may require several sessions to accomplish your objective. An important point to be noted is that thick and dark hair can be eliminated in fewer sittings than thin, light hair.

What Parts of the Body Respond Best to Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Laser hair removal treatment can treat most areas of your body. The experts at Exhale Laser will guide you further in this regard and create a customized plan to meet your hair removal needs. Possible treatment areas include:

  • Face
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Underarms
  • Back and chest
  • Abdomen
  • Shoulders
  • Bikini area

It is important to note that while laser hair removal can be used on almost all large and small body parts, the overall effectiveness and number of treatments can vary depending on the body part being treated and the thickness of the hair on it.

Here is a detailed overview of some of the most popular body parts that both men and women can undergo for laser hair removal. Read on to know what type of results you can expect from most treatment areas.

Laser Hair Removal for Legs

Legs usually respond very well to laser hair removal. It is because leg hair is typically thicker and darker than hair in other body parts, and it offers amazing effects even in the initial sessions.

Due to the large size of the body area, laser hair removal may take longer as compared to other smaller body parts, but this does not mean it is not working. It typically takes anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes for the lower legs while one hour or so to complete the entire leg. As the hair is thicker around these parts, you will notice significant results within a few sessions.

Hair Removal for Back and Chest

The back and chest are large areas and lead to successful laser hair removal treatment. This procedure is particularly beneficial for men who have thick, hard and long hair that is often hard to reach for grooming purposes.

Laser hair removal for the back and chest may take more than an hour due to the size of the surface area. Also, hair grows slower on the back, which means treatment for this area is likely to be spaced over a long period, about every 12 to 16 weeks.

Laser Hair Removal for Face

Laser hair removal reduces ingrown hair and irritating razor bumps found on the face due to waxing or shaving. Facial hairs are light and thin, and due to this, you may need several treatment sessions to get rid of these small and irritating whiskers. In addition to this, facial hair has a longer resting phase in the 3 part hair cycle which means you may have to wait sometime before treatment for the hair to regrow for best outcomes.

It takes about 15 minutes per treatment to remove facial hair. Laser hair removal can provide the results you will love for unwanted facial hair, leaving your skin silky and shiny in a few sessions.

Laser Hair Removal for Bikini Zone

It may be a big concern for many due to the sensitivity of the place, but you will be surprised to know that hair in this area is perhaps the best for laser. Similar to legs, the hairs in the bikini zone are often thicker and darker, and the follicles absorb the light easily, triggering effective and permanent hair removal. For this reason, they respond swiftly to laser treatment.

You can look forward to noticeable results in about 4 to 6 months.

Laser Hair Removal for Underarms

Underarms are a popular treatment area for laser hair removal as the follicle responds very well to the laser. The treatment lasts about 5 minutes for each underarm. It can even reduce the dark shading many people see after shaving or waxing their underarms.

It typically takes 6 to 8 treatments to achieve permanent hair reduction in this area.

Laser Hair Removal for Abdomen

Many people have excess hair around the navel area. The laser can be safely performed on the abdomen and torso areas of the body to do away with these irritating hairs that make wearing stylish dresses or costumes very challenging. It is a long-term solution to reduction in hair growth.

Most Popular Body Parts For Laser Hair Removal
Most Popular Body Parts For Laser Hair Removal

Best Locations for Laser Hair Removal

The contrast between the skin tone and the hair follicle plays a significant role in the efficiency of laser hair removal. Due to this, some parts of the body respond better to treatment than others. For instance, leg hairs are darker in most cases, particularly on the lower legs, and they typically respond better to laser.

Facial hair is generally lighter, but it also has its own growth pattern, with more hair in the resting phase. It has been observed that facial hair growth is faster than in other areas of the body. In such case, you may need more sessions to eliminate hair on the face with laser hair removal.

Your hair and skin type are crucial factors when it comes to success of laser hair treatment. A wonder of technology, Candela Pro has proved effective for every part of the body. Some regions of the body respond better than others and show quick effects, compared to others. You can look forward to a safe and swift experience with a trained and skilled hair removal team that works hard to provide desired results without damaging your skin.

Learn more about what parts of the body respond best to laser hair removal and if this treatment will work for you. Schedule an appointment with the best consultants at Exhale Laser to enjoy complete and non-invasive services that enhance your natural beauty and boost your self-confidence in the most satisfying manner. The specialists focus on your individual needs and help you achieve the smooth and sexy skin you have always dreamt of with treatment plans that deliver desired outcomes.