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Summers are all about beaches, parties, swimming pools, and showing off your toned and tanned bodies, but most of us end up spending summers trying new methods for hair removal to keep away unwanted hair growth. Shaving and waxing the bikini line does not work for everyone as it can be painful, and you cannot exactly see what you are doing. The next best option is laser hair removal.

Laser is an effective way to get rid of that undesirable hair that keeps on popping no matter how much you try to be free of them. If you are looking for permanent hair removal and considering laser treatment, visit Exhale Laser to consult a specialist regarding this approach and how it works. Brazilian laser removal ensures you don’t have to keep tabs on the bikini growth and go through an uncomfortable phase of letting hair grow to wax or shave them. The specialist will help you understand how your bikini line and intimate areas can remain smooth and hairless for a long time.

Brazilian laser hair removal may be the best option for you as it keeps your bikini area clean and free of pesky hair that can land you in an awkward mess. Here is a complete guide to bikini and Brazilian laser hair removal.

What Is Brazilian and Bikini Laser Hair Removal?

Both these treatments are the best ways to remove all or some of the hairs in the pubic region. They are safe and effective ways to remove hair, so that you look and feel your best even when just wearing a bikini bottom.

The only difference is:

The best thing about these methods is that they offer a long-term solution to waxing, plucking, and shaving, which is not only time-consuming but also leads to ingrown hairs that are common in this part of the body. You may require follow-up treatments to keep the area free of hair, but it works to a large extent as no other method.

Results may vary for everyone depending on skin and hair type. While some people will observe hair reduction for a few months, others will notice smooth, stubble-free skin for years. Consult a specialist to learn more about bikini and Brazilian laser hair removal and what you can do to ensure successful outcomes.

What Is Laser Treatment All About?

Brazilian laser hair removal make use of the laser technology to offer satisfactory results. The laser sends light pulses into the follicle of each hair, which destroys the root so that the hair cannot grow anymore.

The hair growth cycle involves three stages, and laser is only effective when the hair is in the active growth stage. To target all the hair and remove them completely, multiple treatment sessions spaced out by a few weeks are essential to ensure every hair is destroyed while it is growing. Laser hair removal works for people of all skin types, but it delivers the best results for people with fair skin and dark hair.

Bikini And Brazilian

Is Laser Hair Removal Painful?

The first question that comes to your mind when you hear about bikini laser treatment is if it hurts and how much. The biggest benefit of laser hair removal is that it is not too painful. Most people report minor discomfort, which is bearable. It has been compared to the feeling of a rubber band snapping against the skin or a pinch.

The specialists use cooling methods to soothe the skin to reduce the amount of pain you may feel and help you go through the process without any apprehensions.

How to Prepare for Laser Bikini Treatment?

The first step toward laser bikini treatment is setting up an appointment with a licensed and certified specialist. The specialist will examine your skin and hair type and give you an estimate of how many treatment sessions you will need. They also explain the process in detail and how you need to prepare for it to achieve desired goals.

To minimize side effects and get ready for the procedure, it is essential to do what the specialists tell you in the days and weeks leading up to the treatment. They include:

  • Avoiding plucking and waxing about six weeks before the procedure as the hair follicles need to be intact for the laser to work effectively
  • Avoiding tanning so that the skin has natural levels of melanin during treatment
  • Stopping taking certain medications such as pain relievers and blood thinners
  • Shaving the area to be treated a day or two before the first session

To learn everything you should do and what to avoid before heading for your initial session, consult a specialist and follow the given instructions carefully.

What to Expect After Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Everybody reacts differently to laser hair removal. You may experience minor side effects, but they usually subside within a few hours and are nothing to worry about. Redness, itchiness, and swelling are common problems that occur after a laser session, but they can be soothed by aloe vera gel or the application of an ice pack to the treated areas.

You may not see immediate results after the first session. It often takes days and sometimes even weeks to start seeing hair reduction. Chances are you will have to undergo multiple sessions before you see any results.

Aftercare for Bikini and Brazilian Laser Hair Removal?

To avoid any side effects and ensure you get the desired outcomes, following the aftercare plan as provided by your specialist is essential. If you fail to understand the need and care for the treated area the right way, you may end up with severe side effects or complications such as blistering and scarring in this sensitive area.

Aftercare include:

  • Staying away from UV exposure
  • Avoiding natural and artificial tanning to prevent side effects
  • Wearing close clothing in the days following the treatment to prevent irritating the skin
  • Avoiding swimming pools, hot tubs, steam rooms, and other activities involving heat
  • Staying away from physical activities that cause sweating
  • Avoiding extremely hot or cold water
  • Gently exfoliating the skin as guided by the specialist to prepare for each session

Following the aftercare instructions, as provided by the experts is essential as it can save you from complications and gives you get the smooth and hair-free skin you have dreamed of.

What Makes Brazilian Laser Treatment the Best Choice?

Brazilian laser hair removal helps you fall in love with your body and show it off the right way at the right time. You can dress up as you like or be what you want to without fear of pesky stay hairs pushing through and creating a scratchy environment.

If you have tried waxing and shaving and are disappointed with them, it is time to try Brazilian laser and see how it eases things for you.

It Offers Desired Results

Just like the Brazilian wax sessions, Brazilian laser removal can eliminate excess, scratchy hair from the bikini line, vulvar area, and around the vagina and anus. It is up to you to decide how much hair you want to permanently remove or which shape you want.

You can opt for full removal that will clear the area and take away all the unwanted hairs, or you could leave a small strip on the pubis region or a delicate triangle. The degree of bareness and shape of the hair is up to you. Discuss this with the specialist before starting the session about how your intimate area should look, and the specialist will help you with it.

It Removes Hair from the Roots

If you have already tried waxing and shaving, you must know how frustrating they can turn out to be in the long run. Waxing is painful for such sensitive areas and even makes you bleed if it is not done right. You can only enjoy the fresh, smooth looks for a short time and as the hair starts growing back, you are up for another session.

Shaving is not without risks too, and you can cut yourself severely if you cannot see what you are doing. Also, shaving is not recommended on delicate areas such as the labia. When the hair grows back, it is stubby, coarse, and unattractive, which may add to your problems. Laser destroys all such growth from its root. The heat destroys the follicles, which inhibits further growth and helps you enjoy clean and smooth skin. Once the bikini hair falls off after the treatment, they do not grow back the same way.

Even if they grow back, you will notice these hairs are thin, soft, and scant, as compared to previous growth. A yearly touchup can take care of these hairs.

It Offers Long Term Relief

With Brazilian laser hair removal, you can look forward to long-term relief from all hair removal methods and the pain and discomfort they cause. It helps you get rid of the duty of keeping tabs on your bikini growth and going through the uncomfortable phase of letting the hair grow before it can be shaved and waxed. You can enjoy smooth and hairless skin in your intimate areas for months.

You can stop throwing away money on monthly trips to the salon and spend your valuable time doing things you like. After completing your sessions, all you need is a yearly touchup to ensure silky skin for life.

It Prevents Bumps and Ingrown Hair

The best thing about Brazilian laser hair removal is that it prevents bumps and ingrown hair that turn painful and affect your routine due to the sensitivity of the place. It is the only approach that does not cause pain and disfigurement of the ingrown hair as it destroys the follicles, preventing hair growth or any chances of them growing under the skin.

Even if some stray hair grows here and there in case the follicle was not totally destroyed, they are softer and finer.

With the safest and most effective method for hair removal, you can enjoy the summertime and beaches without fearing the irritating growth and bearing the pain and hassle of waxing and shaving. Visit Exhale Laser in Queens, NYC, if you have any more questions or concerns regarding this treatment and want to know how it can help you.

The licensed and trained specialists use state-of-the-art equipment and provide non-invasive services that leave your skin hairless, smooth and amazing. With their expertise and precisely developed treatment plans, the specialists at Exhale Laser ensure long-lasting results and guaranteed satisfaction that boosts your self-confidence and makes you look and feel great.