5 Facts Everyone Should Know About Lower Back Hair

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Only people suffering from lower back hairs can understand how frustrating and challenging it is to get rid of them and ensure they do not affect your life. They do not look sexy or serve any purpose and it makes them a burden. If you are tired of a hairy back and trying hair removal methods that do not work or fail to stop hair growth, it is time to check out laser hair removal treatment.

A permanent hair removal method that not only gets rid of hair but also inhibits its growth, laser has become famous for its immense benefits. It offers a great way out for people who do not know how to tackle the bane on their back. Visit Exhale Laser at Queens, NYC to learn how to get results that will last and make you look and feel good. Highly trained and experienced specialists recommend the best treatments to destroy hair in the follicle without damaging your skin or causing irritation.

Here are 5 facts about lower back hair that you should know. They will help you better understand hair growth in this area of the body and enable you to find the best way to get rid of them.

1. They Are More Common Than You Think

Hairs on the back have always been a matter of significance for people concerned about their aesthetics and skin. Not only this, but lower back hairs are more common than you think. Most of us believe that only men suffer from their hard and irritating presence on the back, but you might be wrong. Women are also a victim of these annoying occurrences referred to as a snail trail. Although women do not have thick or hard hair, they get lighter growth that is visible enough to make them try out various hair removal methods.

If you are noticing hair growth in your lower back near the buttocks, there is no need to freak out. It is something that many people have, and it can be dealt with by laser hair removal safely and effectively.

2. What Causes Hair Growth on the Lower Back?

Hair growth results from the actions of body hormones known as androgens. They are responsible for most of the masculine features of the body. Whether you are a male or female, androgens can cause hair to grow on your body, even on the lower back. While men may experience extensive hair growth in some areas, women will not get them in the same places. Men often have more hair on their chest and back while women don’t.

It is observed that androgens become more active in your 30s. It could mean you may experience an increase in hair growth as you age. It can run in families too, and some people may observe unusual hair growth due to this factor.

3. They Do Not Have Any Valid Purpose

While medical experts have tried to work out the purpose of hair on other parts of the human body, they are still at loose ends as to what purpose lower back hair serves. For instance, hair inside the nose and ears act as a filter for dust and other impurities and prevent them from entering our bodies. Eyelashes can also keep dirt and other pollutants from entering the eyes. On the other hand, lower back hair does not seem to serve any distinct purpose, or at least no noticeable functions have been discovered as yet.

Some theories argue that hairs on the lower back serve the same purpose as hairs on other parts of the body, and help regulate body temperature. When sweat is produced from the glands, hair provides it a surface to evaporate faster. In cooler climates, lower back hair is believed to serve as a form of insulation that traps more body heat.

4. They Are Not Considered Sexy

These days men are equally conscious about their looks and grooming as women and don’t like excess hair. Most people do not enjoy talking about body hair and get uncomfortable when someone asks them about their abnormal growth or too much hair on their body, particularly women. It is not a sexy topic, to begin with, and even though the hairs on the face, chest, or groin area are considered sexy in men, hair on the lower back is not.

In the older days, body hair was a sign of virility, especially in men. The more hair they had, the more macho and desirable they were regarded. Men even displayed their chests full of hair proudly, but things have come a long way since then. Bald-chested men became a trend in the 90s, and you would see the action men sporting hair-free bodies.

These days, hair-free is the new sexy, and even though thin growth is acceptable, people get scared of seeing too much hair on the chest and lower back. A jungle of hair on the lower back is downright off-putting and often leads to discomforting questions in the bedroom or locker room.

5. Many Factors Could Be Causing Lower Back Hair Growth

Experts believe that when it comes to lower back hair, several factors are at work that affects its growth in both men and women. Hormonal imbalance, genetics, medications, and several medical conditions can affect hair growth to a great extent.

Hormonal imbalance is known to increase androgen production, the hair-producing hormone. While some men are happy with the idea of more hair on their face or chest as it makes them more sexy and virile, women are absolutely horrified by even thinking of more hair. Abnormal-looking hair on their backs will make them look like men and lead to further problems in shaving or waxing, not to forget being costly.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is one of the reasons women may have excessive growth on their upper lips and lower back as it produces high amounts of androgens. A medical condition known as Hirsutism can cause excessive hair growth or male pattern hair growth in women. This condition affects more than 8% of women and exists in different forms, causing hair growth in various body parts, including the lower back. Last but not least, if your mother or father had excessive amounts of hair on their back, there is a risk that you will have it too.

Lower Back Hair Can Be Pesky and Hard to Remove

Those who experience rapid hair growth understand how pesky these hairs can be and what lengths they have to go to remove them. Suffering from lower back hair can be quite an ordeal. It is not considered sexy, does not serve any purpose, and it becomes hard to get rid of it, especially in emergency situations, when you have to go to the beach or attend some event.

Most people, especially women end up wearing clothes they never intended to just so these irritating hair will not be seen. The saddest part is that these hairs could be tough to get rid of.

Lower Back Hair

What to Do with Lower Back Hair?

Hair growth in the lower back can become a real pain to get rid of for several reasons. Firstly, it is not easy to check it out, especially if the growth is light to moderate, and secondly, reaching hard to access areas and cleaning these hairs is a real challenge.

There are a few hair removal options popularly used for removing unwanted body growth. They include:

  • Shaving
  • Waxing
  • Depilatory creams

Using these methods, you can remove the lower back hair yourself, but this may not be easy. You will have to either go in blindly or set up a complicated mirror system to see what you are doing to reach out to the hair. Alternatively, you could either ask someone to help you get these annoying hair off your back or visit a salon for professional services where a trained worker will do the job for you most efficiently.

Tweezing and trimming the back hair are not encouraged for several reasons. Not only does tweezing take too much time, but trimming could also be dangerous, and you could end up hurting yourself while using sharp scissions, particularly when you cannot see behind.

Lower Back Hair Removal Options


It may be good to shave the lower back hair if you have plenty of hair and need a quick solution. However, there are several risks involved in shaving this area. For once, you cannot see where you are going and will have to proceed with utmost caution and care to prevent harming yourself.

If you choose to shave, it is best to use razors specifically meant for back hair. Such razors have long handles that allow you to reach all areas of the back easily.

Follow these safety guidelines when shaving your back:

  • Use an electric razor, so you do not end up cutting yourself during the process
  • Always add shaving cream all over the area to achieve a close shave
  • Do not rush things, take your time to do it right

The best thing to do in this regard would be to seek help from a friend or partner to shave the back for you. It will cut down the unnecessary risks and ensure even the smaller hairs are removed.

Depilatory Creams

Depilatory creams have all the benefits of shaving without the risk of cutting yourself. You have to spread the cream generously on the lower back and wait. The cream will dissolve the hair, and you can scrape it off and wash the area. The problem is that while the process seems very easy and quick, it is not so, and you may experience certain complications.

Depilatory creams can dissolve exposed hair efficiently as they contain chemicals, but these chemicals can irritate the skin if you have sensitive skin. Scrapping the dissolved hair can also cause pumps or itchiness depending on the skin reaction. Depilatory creams are also expensive, and they work similarly to shaving, which means you will have to repeat the process when the hair starts to grow back. Another critical point to note is that these creams only do away with the exposed hair, which means the root remains intact, and the hair can regrow quickly.


Waxing is an effective method for removing lower back hair. It pulls the hair out from its root, leaving you with smooth and silky skin. As it pulls out the roots, you can stay hair-free for about two weeks or so, longer than when you shave, depending on your growth cycle.

Even though it is one of the most effective methods for hair removal, it is painful. The lower back is a sensitive area, and if you have a low tolerance for pain, it might not be the best option for you. If you are ready to bear the pain, you can wax the hair yourself or visit a salon for professional services.

Doing it yourself is not easy as applying wax on the lower back is complex, and you should seek help from someone to do it right. You could burn yourself with hot wax or damage the skin with too many ineffective applications. Getting it done by a professional gives you a chance to enjoy the benefits without doing all the work yourself. Experts can do it quickly and do a better job which means lesser pain.

It is nearly impossible to remove hair from lower back by yourself, and you may end up with cramps and ache in muscles in trying to do something so challenging. Lower back hair can be a nuisance, and you must be very careful when shaving, waxing, or using depilatory creams. Areas that are tough to access present a real challenge, and if you are not sure that you are doing it right, seek help before you end up injuring your skin.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is perhaps the most effective method for getting rid of those irritating hairs that affect your peace of mind. It is also the most recommended treatment for doing away with unwanted hair and inhibiting its growth. This procedure uses intense heat from a laser to target the hair on the lower back and destroys it along with the hair follicles to ensure you remain hair-free for a long time.

Laser hair removal has been rated as a permanent hair removal method. It can effectively eliminate hair from the lower back without going back for repeat sessions. However, it is essential to understand that while this method works well, you may require multiple sessions spread out over a few months for getting the full benefits of the treatment. It is essential as variations in hair growth and their type respond differently to the treatment.

What Makes Laser the Best Choice for Lower Back Hair Removal?

For someone who frequently suffers from intense hair growth on the lower back, having a hair removal method that is effective and permanent is a relief. Here are some top reasons you should go for lower back hair laser removal.

Cost Efficiency

Laser hair treatment may seem expensive, considering the price tag that comes with it. However, it is the most cost-effective method compared to other hair removal methods. Shaving, waxing, and depilatory creams or visits to the salon work for a limited time, which means you will have to repeat the procedure after a few days or weeks as the hair regrow.

Calculate the price of these procedures for a lifetime, and you will be astounded at the accumulated costs. In comparison, laser hair treatment is a one-time expense and leaves you hair-free for long periods. Repeat laser sessions do not cost as much, and if you have lighter growth, you may not need a repeat session soon.

No Ingrown Hair

Waxing and shaving can leave you with ingrown hair. You will notice itchiness, unsightly bumps that look like pimples, and the presence of hair under the skin surface. Laser treatment eliminates all risk of ingrown hair as it destroys the hair from the follicle, and no hair remains under the skin. You get smooth, silky skin, free of hair. The best thing about laser is that as it targets hair follicles, it can slow down regrowth too.

It’s Precise

Laser hair removal treatment is precise. It will only target the areas that you want. For clearing off lower back hair, the follicles on this part of the body are targeted, which leads to desired results. This way you will get focused, localized treatment with no risk to other body areas. You can enjoy a clean and hair-free lower back for a long time.

Laser hair removal is the best option for eliminating undesirable hair on the lower back. Call Exhale Laser now and schedule a consultation with the specialist to know more about the procedure and how it can help you achieve hair-free skin in just a few sessions. You can look forward to laser hair removal that goes beyond removing undesirable hair. You will get personalized service that has been designed to suit your unique body needs.

Exhale Laser is a premier laser hair removal center in New York where licensed specialists focus on offering the best care for getting rid of unwanted body hair. Using Candela GentleMax Pro, a dual wavelength laser platform that provides high-performance treatment, the specialists ensure safe, efficient, and outstanding performance with 100% customer satisfaction.